Author Tours

Cea Sunrise Person

Sunday April 9th 7:00pm

Cea Sunrise Person is coming to the Kootenays. The author of two memoirs about her counterculture upbringing, North of Normal and Nearly Normal, started her story right here in New Denver—and this is the first time she’s returned since toddlerhood.

A few years ago, Cea wrote a memoir which became an instant bestseller and has been selling steadily ever since. In North of Normal, Cea wrote with grace and candour about her unconventional childhood—her early years living in a tipi in Alberta with her pot-smoking, free-loving counterculture family; the numerous misadventures she survived with her mother and her mother’s boyfriends; and the bold escape Cea made from her family at the age of thirteen through a modelling career. It is also the story of one girl’s deep-seated desire for normality—a desire that enabled her to risk everything, overcome adversity and achieve her dreams.

After putting such a unique life on paper, one would expect Cea’s tale to be all told—but that’s far from the case.

Her new book, Nearly Normal, was again an instant bestseller. A continuation and furthering of her story, it outlines pieces of her life she omitted from the first book.

Nearly Normal chronicles the many stories that were too difficult for Cea to reveal and were left untold. Settled into a new and much happier life after the release of her first book, she is nonetheless compelled to continue searching for answers about her enigmatic family. Drawing connections between her early experiences and later life mistakes, Cea identifies how her family’s extreme and often selfish behaviour contributed to her downfall. But more importantly, she discovers the value in the lessons they taught her, and the power of taking responsibility for her own choices in the face of great challenge.

Cea’s library tour itinerary is as follows: April 9 – Nakusp 2:00PM, Kaslo 7:00PM; April 10 – Trail 2:00PM, Greenwood 7:00PM; April 11 – Beaver Valley 2:00PM, Grand Forks 6:30PM; and April 12 – Cranbrook 2:00PM, Salmo 7:00PM.


Five Kootenay Lake Poets

Wednesday April 19th 7:00

Five poets living on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada, share their different perspectives of life on the lake in these poems. Themes include coyote trickster tales, gardening, hiking, wildlife, love, spirituality, politics, the seasons, the arts, and fairy tales. What unites them is the 102 km long lake that divides the Selkirk from the Purcell Mountains.