Teen Advisory Group

The Teen Advisory Group (aka TAG) invites teens to meet with our Library Services Coordinator to participate in developing library services for teens. The informal group meets 3 times a year at JV Humphries. Teen services and programs can be found here.

A survey completed by teens in 2012 helped to develop the first teen programming at our library. Since then, there have been many successful programs offered for 12 to 18 year olds:

Book Club
LAN Gatherings
Science Fiction movie night
Crafting: Duct tape origami, Paper crafting, Needle felting, gift making
Games: Bingo, Monopoly tournament, Lybrary Lympics
Computer Programming
Film making workshop (see film here)
Rubix Cubing
Games Club
Programs have been made possible through partnership with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, Columbia Basin Trust, and the Village of Kaslo.