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Borrow from Other Libraries

BC InterLibrary Connect

This is your first option to find another book, and the easiest! Because the database is shared in a larger system called Sitka, library members can also access other libraries and their collections across the province.

Click to access BC Interlibrary Connect.

Notice that the Library field is now set to all of BC Interlibrary Connect, or all Sitka libraries.

Tip: If you are looking for a particular format (audiobook, movie, large print), make your search easier by selecting a format. Most libraries will lend audiobooks and movies as well as books.


  1. Log into your Library Account.
  2. In the “Library” field, change the drop-down to search BC Interlibrary Connect (found at the very top of the list of libraries).
  3. Search for the book you want, using Advanced search to narrow the results if necessary.
  4. When you find the item you want, click “Place Hold”, and then “Submit”.
  5. If the item is available, it will be transferred for pick up to your home library.


If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted through BC InterLibrary Connect, you can try Illume, a catalogue for more libraries (that aren’t part of the Sitka system) including post-secondary institutions. However, there may be fees involved – please consult library staff. Note: that only about 50% of BC Libraries will lend movies.

  1. Click to access Illume No Login necessary.
  2. Use Advanced search to narrow your search. Enter your search terms in the available fields.
  3. You can change the drop-down menus to search by the appropriate field (e.g. title, author, ISBN, etc.)
  4. Click “Search * Records” button in the bottom right corner.
  5. A list of items across BC will be displayed. Click on a title for more detailed information (opens a new window).
  6. If this is the title you want, click the “Request this Item” button.
  7. In the appropriate fields, enter your Last Name, First Name, and Phone Number.
  8. Click the “Submit” button at the top or bottom of the page.
  9. You may close the request window and go back to the search page for more titles.
  10. We will contact you when it arrives.

Visiting other libraries

When visiting other libraries that are part of the Sitka system, your library card can be registered to borrow from that library. However you need to register at your home library where you are a resident. Patron records are not shared between libraries except by opt in between libraries where agreements are in place.

Other non-Sitka libraries can be accessed in person as well, by registering your card as a BC OneCard.