45 Books in 45 Minutes

Each year the Kaslo and District Public Library celebrates the written word with the fast-paced and fun 45 Books in 45 Minutes.  The 2018 event is sponsored by The Village of Kaslo.

Monday May 7th 7:00 St Andrew’s United Church hall

What is 45 Books in 45 Minutes?

Nine volunteer reviewers choose five titles each to review. That’s 45 books, and with one minute per title, that’s 45 minutes. An MC has the difficult and often hilarious job of timing the reviews and then hauling reluctant reviewers off the stage when their time is up. One minute can go by in a flash or drag on to eternity, it all depends on the book!

If you would like to be a reviewer for an event, please contact us !

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door with a list of the titles being reviewed and a pencil to note which titles you would like to read after the (entertaining) reviews. The library staff is kept busy for months after the event placing holds and Interlibrary Loan orders for these requested titles. Being the wonderfully diverse and well-read community that Kaslo is, the titles reviewed cover many topics and genres of books including fiction, non-fiction, adult’s and children’s titles.

The most recent list of titles can be found here  (Note: the list becomes available on the day of the event)